Radina Galabova
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Creative Director + Artist + Entrepreneur /// Building cool brands with purpose-driven people in tech and beyond
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London, United Kingdom

I'm a Creative Director building cool brands with purpose-driven people in tech and beyond.

With a background in social and digital advertising, leading creative on global brand campaigns and multi-market content creation, I've spent the last 3 years fine-tuning my expertise in brand building for the disruptors in the wild wild world of Web3 and other purpose-driven and community-driven projects.

Why work with me? I consistently deliver high-quality creative comms strategies and kickass brand identities that make an impact, and make you feel like, “yes, this is exactly what we are about!”, and get your audience as equally excited to jump onboard.

I've worked with a variety of innovative tech brands from EduTech to SexTech, MusicTech to Gig Economy tech, DeFi to Social-Fi; helping them elevate their brand and resonate more deeply with their audience, creating ever growing loyal fans and consumers.

My jump into Web3 was when I joined a SocialFi platform called SO-COL as Brand/Marketing Lead. I built the brand from scratch with the founding team, from screen to stage (like main stage at Token 2049). I’m currently working on a DAO-governed DeFi on Berachain, watch this space.

My global advertising experience includes leading digital-first campaigns for brands like BOSE, Huawei, and HSBC, with shoots at Wimbledon and world famous F1 tracks, with campaigns and ads seen in the wild like on the London Underground. Delivering impactful brand campaigns for markets including EMEA, APAC and US (and the UK of course).

I am passionate about the future of tech and its impact on humans and society and am committed to positively influencing diversity in data, and ideas, for the ethical growth of AI and Web3 and our co-created #phygital future.

As a fully remote creative lead these days and a “third culture kid”, I’ve always been a global citizen and been blessed with many multicultural experiences and connections in my life. I’m British Bulgarian, from Sofia, Dubai and London and currently digital nomading in Portugal. Planning my next move. (Ask me about the friends-only airbnb idea I’m piloting called Homees).

I work best as a creative partner to founders, offering efficient, impactful creative ideas and solutions for the growth of their business.

My goal is to make your brand more meaningful and memorable.

And I only want to do it for brands that are doing something good for the world and our communities.

I’m always open to collabs. Let's chat

P.S. I’m starting my own freelance community with my favourite freelancers, called Purpose-Driven Creatives.

People in the brand, marketing advertising industry who are interested in working with purpose-driven brands. Because why spend time and money with people who don’t share the same values? Same. Let’s connect and collab! Find us on Purpose-Driven Communities (onboarding people come back when we are ready for our debut).

Also starting a podcast on this, interviewing purpose-driven founders, interviewed by purpose-driven creatives. Wanna join me on air to talk about (your) brands and businesses for good? Let’s spread the work and inspire more people to do business for good too.


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