Katie Merrien
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Accessible and inclusive visual communicator
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Brighton, United Kingdom

I can help make your messages more inclusive and accessible with bespoke visual communications. I offer custom 2D animations, infographics, graphic design, and live graphic recording to make your communications more engaging and understandable for your audience(s). I also offer copywriting support to maximise the accessibility of your written messages; focusing on simplicity, but without compromising on content.

I am passionate about representation, equity and inclusion for all groups and individuals. I can work with you to share stories and information authentically and with compassion.

My visual communications are often more accessible for people with a different primary language, a learning disability, and some types of neurodivergence. Information shared as images is also understood more quickly, and retained more often, than written information.

Providing visual communications can help your service users, customers and clients to understand how your service or product works, and improve their user experience. They can also reduce the frequency of your commonly asked questions - freeing up your (and staff) time to be spent elsewhere.

Please contact me to find out more about how I can improving your messaging and your customers' experience. Please note rates are indicative and for reference only.


Graphic Design
Infographic Design
2D Animation